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Bendigo, Victoria< Australia

About Us

The complexity of buildings and of urban environments is constantly increasing with technologies, services and infra-structural systems making architecture and urban design more multi-disciplinary than ever. One of the fastest moving elements of building technologies is in the field of sensor and control system technology which enhances the usability, efficiency and environmental efficiency of built environments. Architects, builders and building management professionals are all being asked to incorporate these developing technologies, whilst also designing spaces which are highly aesthetic and meet demanding levels of functionality.


Established in 2007, Ecothought is a systems integration company with strong experience in the design, installation and commissioning of ICT infrastructure in the Agriculture, Federal Government, Defence and Hospital sectors.

Our experience in delivering these projects has allowed us to develop innovative, stakeholder led engagement mechanisms which ensure traceability from requirement definition through to final commissioning of new environments.

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Bendigo, Victoria< Australia

Projects and Connections

Ecothought works with the organisations to design, build manage and maintain the sensors and control systems which form the basis for human usage in the built environment.

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 Collaboration and communication are imperative to achievement of these design requirements. An integrated design approach is required which draws together the knowledge of all of the design team members. The design process should thus be participatory and inclusive of the various design disciplines. It should be a dynamic process that looks holistically at all building systems and dimensions, including the urban dimension; this is “Integrated Design”.

Within the built environment the sub-disciplines of structural engineering, electrical systems, construction estimation, fire safety and protection, HVAC systems control, plumbing, acoustics, noise and vibration control, building power systems, lighting, building transportation systems and air quality control all contribute to the overall design.  Many of these systems are integrated into “IP to the edge” network environments, requiring the development of complex network architectures.